R&D Projects

CNERC focuses on the innovative technology fields of ASICs, including 3D integration, third-generation semiconductors, artificial intelligence and IoT chips, and actively plans a series of key R&D projects.

The fact that 3D integration makes "More than Moore" possible is a key technology to realize the diversification of integrated circuit applications. The new generation of semiconductor products requires miniaturization, high performance, high density, high-speed transmission, and low cost. The innovative development of three-dimensional integration technology will drive smart homes, Internet of Things, new energy vehicles, large data centers, 5G infrastructure, artificial intelligence, etc. Developments in emerging fields.

The 3rd generation of semiconductors is the "core material" of solid-state light sources, power electronics, microwave radio frequency devices, and the "new engine" of optoelectronics and microelectronics industries. The field of consumer electronics has broad application prospects.

AI and IoT chips are not only new technological hotspots, but also an important engine driving the development of smart cities and Industry 4.0. AI and IoT chips are the foundation and core of AI and IoT applications. Its low power consumption and high efficiency are especially suitable for smart terminals with low power consumption and small space, and can be widely used in smart home, smart Rapidly developing artificial intelligence products such as automobiles, wearable devices, and intelligent robots are expanding to industries such as medical care, elderly care, education, finance, and intelligent manufacturing.

CNERC hopes to catch up the opportunities in the initial stage of emerging industries by strengthening cooperation with local and domestic and foreign enterprises and universities, and integrate international and domestic resources, so that the research direction can keep up with the world's frontier and achieve transcendence.

R&D Projects