Artificial Intelligence Integrated Circuit and Hardware Accelerator Laboratory

Establishment and Key Technical Indicators

  • The Artificial Intelligence Integrated Circuit and Hardware Accelerator Laboratory involves:
  • The "ASTRI-Marvel Digital Joint Research and Development Centre", being equipped with stereo (naked eye) 3D technology, HD to UHD 4K, visual intelligence, NPU and AI IC design and verification platform.
  • The Information secured platform, being equipped with power line communication system (capable of testing powerline communication ranging from 20 meters to 100 meters), blockchain network, design and verification platform of digital IP modules.

R&D Capabilities

  • AI chip design – It uses "data-flow parallel computing" customized deep neural network (DNN) inference hardware accelerator, which can perform highly parallel computing on convolutional neural network (CNN) and fully connected layer (FC) and support multiple neural network architectures with fully tunable parameters.
  • Power line communication – The Lab can perform testing on power line communication. The AC pattern generator will transmit a test signal to the device under test (DUT) through the power line system. The output from the DUT will be detected by the oscilloscope.
  • Blockchain network – It can test different encrypted currencies on computer server network.
  • Design and simulation software – It includes EDA tools Xcelium, SimVision; software suite Vivado for FPGA design synthesis and analysis

Utilization Rate


The utilization rate of the Laboratory is over 95%, mainly for research and prototyping work.

Projects undertaken and Effectiveness

  • Face detection, object recognition, and can be used in security monitors, smart cameras and other related tools.
  • Advanced powerline communication system which is used within a Home Area Network (HAN). The prototype development is completed.
  • Broadband Smart Meter SoC (Silicon on Chip). The prototype development is completed.
  • Encrypted currency platform applied to cloud secured transactions. The prototype development is completed.

Industry-oriented Awareness

Open to industry partners for testing, consultation services and collaborative research.