The 3rd Generation Semiconductor Packaging and Integration Laboratory

Establishment and Key Technical Indicators

The 3rd Generation Semiconductor Packaging and Integration Laboratory is equipped with multiple AC/DC, DC/DC and point-of-load power module development and testing systems. The equipment can support the power level required for the modular telecom and data centre industries, as well as the optimization of the applications of 3rd generation semiconductor devices (e.g. GaN, SiC, etc.). The Laboratory is also equipped with an electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding room in industrial grade, a thermal cycling testing chamber and a high-speed wind tunnel. It targets to support the development of high-frequency, high-power density 3rd generation semiconductor-based module solutions and rapid prototyping to enhance the time-to-market of the relevant technology.

R&D Capabilities

  • Kilowatt wireless charging development and test systems including AC/DC power supplies, DC loads, power meters, LCR meters, impedance analysers, oscilloscopes, high voltage differential probes and current probes.
  • Automatic test system for point-of-load converters, supporting automatic switching of input voltage and load, dynamic response to load, efficiency measurement, data acquisition.
  • Kilowatt AC/DC, DC/DC digitally controlled power converter development and test systems including AC/DC power supplies, DC loads, power meters, oscilloscopes, high voltage differentiate probes and current probes.
  • EMI shielding room including a conducted EMI test hood and impedance analyser, compatible to EN55022 test standards.
  • High/Low temperature thermal cycling test chambers, covering interchanging testing environments from -40°C to 125°C.
  • A high-speed wind tunnel with a closed-loop design to improve the heat exchange efficiency, temperature coverage from room temperature to 90°C and maximum wind speed of 10m/s.
  • Design and simulation software: Q3D Extractor, HFSS, Multisim, ABAQUS, ANSYS, Solidworks, Flowsimulation, etc. electrical, magnetic, structural, heat transfer and fluid mechanics analysis software.

Utilisation rate


The Laboratory is over 95% utilised, mainly for research and prototype development.

Projects undertaken and Effectiveness

  • Integrated Power Module for Networking and Communication Equipment - Completed prototype development and achieved small volume production.
  • GaN-based High-density Power Module for Next Generation Power Conversions - Completed prototype development.
  • Next Generation Power Delivery Solution for Smart City Applications - Completed prototype development.
  • Next Generation Silicon-Carbide Matrix Converters Completed prototype development.
  • 3D Integrated Wireless Power Transmission Platform for Robotics Applications - Under development.

Industry-oriented Accessibility

Open to industry partners for testing, consultation and collaborative research.