The 3rd Generation Semiconductor Power and Energy Laboratory

Establishment and Key Technical Indicators

The 3rd Generation Semiconductor Power and Energy Laboratory is equipped with a testing and development platform for energy recovery for power conversion system and 3rd generation semiconductor components. It provides testing on Alternate Current (AC) single-phase/three-phase up to 40V and Direct Current (DC) single-phase/three-phase up to 30kW. It also provides electrical and thermal performance evaluation from the level of semiconductor components to systems. Lastly, it supports charging/discharging performance evaluation verification of different types of energy storage systems.

R&D Capabilities

  • Semiconductor dynamic characteristics related tests – double pulse test, short circuit test, etc.
  • Power conversion systems, digital controls, mechanical and thermal design related – AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC power converter and system design for applications such as electrical vehicle (EV) charging, photovoltaic inverters, power supplies, circuit breakers, etc.
  • Battery related – electrode preparation, battery pack design and assembly, battery performance evaluation, module charging management design; aqueous-based energy storage system and safe lithium battery system design, etc.
  • Design and simulation software related – Piecewise Linear Electrical Circuit Simulation (PLECS) for power electronic systems; SolidWorks for mechanical design and fluid thermodynamic analysis; Altium Designer for PCB design and ThinkSpeak for IoT platform development, etc.

Utilisation rate


Laboratory utilization is over 95%, mainly for research and prototyping work.

Projects undertaken and Effectiveness

  • SiC-based Power System for Smart DC Buildings
  • High-efficiency Wide-load Power Conversion platform for DC Buildings
  • SiC based On-board Bi-directional EV Charger
  • High-efficiency, High-reliability and High-power Silicon Carbide Modules used in Drive Systems and their Development Platforms
  • Advanced zinc-ions based Aqueous Energy Storage System
  • Fast-charging Battery Pack for Autonomous Mobile Robotics
  • Self-optimizing Charging Control of Energy Storage System in Autonomous Mobile Robotics

Industry-oriented Accessibility

Open to industry partners for testing, consulting services and collaborative research.